Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pregancy Perks!

I have evolved from the technology generation. Growing up computers were my friend! It was programed into our brains at a very young age, that we were going to have a tremendous role in the digital era. So we always strive to become attentive little computer geeks, focusing solely on the screen in front of us at all times. Thus, I have become forced to be accustom to this data base called technology.

When we received this precious baby gift, (that I ordered for myself, always attempting to stimulate the economy) I was ecstatic! This was going to be a way for our Baby Boy to track his mommy and daddy's preparations for his upcoming arrival. Let me brag on My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule for a minute. The flash drive is basically a Digital Scrapbook, containing: a photo album of the parents, your baby bump as the little one grows, his/her family tree, family wives tales, video journal, ect...the possibilities are endless. Even if you are not the most creative bird on the block (like me), they provide the pictures, font, color combo's; to provide Junior with a Michelangelo of masterpieces. I have had a blast putting this together for our little man.

I couldn't resist passing this incredible find on too my favorite 3 readers. If you know of anyone who is expecting, and came from the Generation Y era, this would be a perfectly unique gift for them.

To check out more information regarding this product please click HERE.

Farming Fabulously

Program Note: FF is offically done with the nursey and plans on posting pictures, as soon as the monosoon of the central mid-west decides to calm down with its bad self.

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