Friday, November 12, 2010

Cousins 1st Combine Ride

While the cousins were down visiting for Baby D's big birthday bash, they also had the opportunity to take their first combine ride. Cousin Blake had an amazing time with Uncle HH, as he loves everything that has a motor in it and can make lots of noise. So I couldn't help but share with you all his first experience in a big green machine.

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Program Note: You may want to turn your volume down for this one, as it was a windy day. Or perhaps you may choose to turn your volume up so you can hear Uncle Bert and Cousin Khloe discuss the difference between a tractor and a combine.

Landscaping: Phase Two

So this is what the landscaping was supposed to look like on the back side of the house. Alas, I am a woman! A woman that is somewhat indecisive at times. So basically deciding that it was alittle to plain for my taste, I wanted something with more character, more pizazz, and more uniqueablitly (word?). You see, we designed these prints last spring, when I really did not know the difference from an annual to a perennial, or from a Crape Myrtle to a  Hydrangea. After many hours of Internet research, I began to conclude that I have a passion for the more exotic weeds. So I decided to spice it up abit by adding more flowers then shrubs. What I was striving to achieve from this project was the satisfaction of having beautiful blooms year round. Thus I would be able to have fresh cut flowers around the farmstead all the time. Doesn't that sound lovely?

Since we are still waiting on our mulch to be delivered, I won't post the pictures of what the final outcome is just yet.

Just thinking about this landscaping project wears Baby D out. Or maybe he is just resting up for his Birthday Bash next weekend?

Have a spectacular weekend,
Farming Fabulously

Landscaping: Phase One....

Our little humble-abode is getting a full fledged makeover. We have been drastically scurrying around the farmstead for the last month secretly preparing to embark on this tiny adventure. Doing everything in our power to make sure that our home will look exceptional for Baby D's 1st Birthday party! We are down to the wire, the celebration happens in a week and a half.

Checking off one area of our "To Do List", the staining of the deck. We decided on a specular Barn Red stain. It fits perfectly into my vintage look that I always strive for.

All of the plants that we could put into the ground this fall have been delivered last Friday. So working like a team of "Draft Horses", each night HH and I have been busting our booties.

This is what the final outcome is supposed to look like in a technology savoy digital way.

And in night vision, how cool is that?

We should have started this project about a month ago! September 3 will be here sooner then we expect.

Well ta ta for now, I must return to my hardcore digging and our never ending laying of our weed barrier. I will post the pictures of the back side of our homestead later in the week.

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On The Field At Miller Park

Over the weekend, my baby brother had the horrific honorable opportunity to throw the first pitch at the Milwaukee Brewers game. How cool is that?

As you can see, he was able to mingle observe some of the highly skilled professionals down on the field.

Blaker was even courted down by the fabulous Klements Saugage folks.

Now lets get down to the nitty-gritty. How did this grocery store manager do with his first pitching debut you ask? Well, after a week of excruciating practice, numerous "What-If's" and attempting to shake off those nervous little butterflies in the belly, he did fairly well. Look closely at the bottom picture, can you see where the ball is compared to where he is standing on the pitchers mound?

"Damn good thing George Kotarras (catcher) has the best vertical jump on the team!" his words, not mine.

What a wonderful experience that must of been! We wish we could have been there to cheer you on.

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Charming Little Marshall

These proud parents welcomed a lovable boy into their family last month. He was so incredible charismatic, for only being 3 weeks old.

I wanted to snuggle with him the whole time, I just adore that precious baby smell.

Always content in his mommy's arms, he was alittle slice of heaven.

This was an amazing family, who was so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful baby boy.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Whole Lot Of Smooching Going On...

I have always been very intrigued by photography! It gives you the opportunity to capture "The Moment".

Back in the day, this beaming mother-to-be and I rode the college rodeo circuit together.

Now this lovely couple is expecting their first baby the end of October.

How we managed to get 3 doggies all in the same picture still baffles me.

Can we say "Passion"?

I had to put this picture in black and white or everyone would have been blinded by the bling.

Farming Fabulously

Welcoming Marshall Taylor......

We are ecstatic to welcome our new nephew Marshall Taylor __________ to the family. He choose to arrive July 11, 2010; weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and measuring 21.5 inches long.

A very handsome bouncing baby boy he is. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing this tiny tot the end of the month. Where once again I will be able to express my endless devotion towards this little fella. And secretly confess that I will be spoiling him with what ever he desires.

Farming Fabulously

May 2000 - July 2010....

On this the 7th day of July, we are going to lay to rest our beloved Blue Heeler, Ty. She was a tremendous asset to our family and will be greatly missed. Recently she developed a brain tumor, thus now  having difficulty seeing and had lost the strength within her bowel movements. It is not always easy to think with your head instead of within your heart, if I could have kept her living within a bionic form, I would have. You see, I bought Ty 10 years ago, right before I left for my college experience. Needless to say, she has been by my side through countless learning experiences, both of us  mentally growing along the way. Ty was a loyal companion and will always be remembered and cherished.

The video clip is of Baby D laughing hysterically for really no reason. Ty would always run over and lick Baby D whenever he would laugh, because frankly his laugh sometimes sounds like he is in pain.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Can I Get A What What...

Over the Memorial Day weekend Baby D learned how to drive a tractor. A simple feet considering his upbringing. It was slightly overwhelming to him at first, but he caught on remarkable fast. He was soon stirring the wheel, maneuvering the gears and comprehending the monitors; With the only dilemma of reaching the pedals. Baby D is growing up so fast!

Farming Fabulously

Drum Roll Please....

Mia Leann was 6 pounds 4 ounces and 19 inches long...Yep that's right! Baby D has an incredibly adorable Baby cousin! Not to mention, she has lots of dark hair. I will mender that direction tomorrow, to confess my undying love and to tell her that what ever she wishes her Auntie FF will provide.

Baby Girl will have a body guard for life, after all they will have to get past Baby D.

Farming Fabulously

Monumentous Milestones..

Yesterday Baby D swam in a kiddy pool for the first time in his entire life! He was stoked about the whole situation. Merrily splashing and frolicking around in the water was a hoot to observe.

I am also smitten to announce that Baby D is officially at a mobile level in his life. That's right, we have conquered the crawling barrier that has plagued him for the last 8 months. Look out world!

Farming Fabulously

For The Love Of 4020's...

Baby D absolutely adores spending quality "Tractor Time" with the fellas! Once you place him on a motorized machine, you can bet that he will want to ride continuously for at least the next 30 minutes. He grabs onto the stirring wheel pretending he knows how to maneuver the mighty beast, until reality kicks in and he decides that instead will just gnaw on it. Some may think that the "Tractor Gene" has been passed down to him, which is logically understandable. But as of now, all he is concerned with is enjoying his bonding time on these incredible machines.

May I boost for a minute? Well, I haven't concluded if this is a positive or negative transition in Baby D's life as of yet. You see, we are about to embark on a new chapter in his life, mobility. He now gets on all fours (for lack of better words), and rocks back and forth. So needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting the first move. My tiny tot crawling already, this is such an exhilarating moment in time.

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Have You Laughed Today?

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Hanging Out With My Boy....

I thought that I would give you a sneak peak at Baby D's six month pictures. You see, we are very fortunate to know wonderful individuals that can take such magnificent pictures. Kathy McCloy did a spectacular job with Baby D's newborn pictures and now his six month pictures were phenomenal with Tammy Kerksiek. By the time Baby D is a year old, he will have had his picture taken at least 1983287387268799832785 times, this is not even an exaggeration my peeps.

And yes, you better believe I snuck in on a few shots with my baby boy. It gave me the perfect opportunity to get all "Fancied up" and snuggle with our tiny tot.

Have a lovely weekend,
Farming Fabulously

One Of My Finest Motherly Moments....

No this is not a sob story, but instead this is a real story. As a first time mother I learn something new about being a parent everyday. Baby D is continually teaching me the way of the world through an infants eyes and how to keep in extra set of eyes behind my head. This story is one of those moments, that I let my guard down.

It was a magnificent sunny afternoon one spring day. I was tending to our garden collecting a new batch of ripe lettuce.

I had placed Baby D in his stroller so he could watch me cultivate, secretly hoping that by observing me maybe one day his subconscious memory would kick in and want to help his mother pull weeds in the future. I placed him in a similar stroller to this one.

I put the stroller in the grass, even going as far as to setting the emergency brake on in the luscious green grass. Considering we were not going to be outside for very long (quick pick of the lettuce, then quickly inside to wash it), I thought there was no need to strap him in. After all, I was going to be with reaching distance of him, what could happen?

Now this is were I should receive my "Mother Of The Year Award". I turned my back and began leisurely plucking away at my lettuce. Baby D was chatting amongst himself and playing with is toys in the stroller. I continuously would glance back at him to find my content tiny tot having a grand time. So I then become completely fixated on my garden until......

So I gathered up all of my produce and proudly turned around feeling extremely confident with all of my fresh lettuce. I turned around to find, Baby D laying contently on the ground and nibbling away on the grass. He had slid out underneath the stroller and was now laying in the grass (notice in the stroller pictured above, there is nothing to keep him securely fasten in but his safety harness)! He peered up at me and smirked, as if saying "Look what I did all by myself mommy". I thought my legs where going to out right then and there, my heart rate doubled, I felt my head begin to spin, and even had a slight numbing sensation on my finger tips. I quickly snatched him up, looking for any bumps, bruises, or heck even contusions that he had inflicted upon his self. But thank heavens he didn't even have a scratch on him.

So from this day forward, I will never take the lazy way out and will always strap him in when a harness is required. I will be accepting my "Mother of the Year Award" shortly.

Have a spectacular Mothers Day Weekend,
Farming Fabulously

Program Note: Stroller picture provided by Graco Strollers.

When The Farm Boy's Are Not In The Field I......

One of my fella blogger buddies posted awhile back, just actually what her daily routine is as a stay at home mom. She listed her everyday duties that had to be fulfilled in order for everything to run smoothly within her humble abode. I thought that to be a very interesting piece, not only for us SAHM's but if you were to look at your daily lifestyle what would your schedule look like?

*Each morning we rise at 6:00 AM to our babbling tot, this is one of the best sounds on earth.
*Diaper change and Baby D plays on the floor for some much needed tummy time.
*While he is occupied, I throw in a load of laundry, empty the dish wisher, mix some vitamins, get dressed, make the bed, and prepare his baby food.
*Approx 6:30 it is breakfast for Baby D, he has a delicious assortment *insert yucky face* of sweet potato's, peas, and applesauce (my boy is not picky). Time for Baby D to dress for success of the day and diaper change.
*7:00 like clock work, Grandpa comes to play and chat with Baby D about the day (discussing grain markets, they can make great predictions that early in the AM). While G-pa and Baby D are busy doing their "thing", I make myself some tasty breakfast.
*8:00 Diaper change, bottle and we read a story before he lays down for a quick little siesta.
*During his sleepy time, I gather up my goods to go feed the horses. Since my horses are like 90 in human years now, they need some pampering. I mix up their horse supplements and give them a generous portion of oil into their grain. This is their favorite time of day, they causally waddle up from the pasture to nibble their breakfast.
*Get back inside do more laundry, Blog, begin preparing lunch for the guys.
*9:00 Baby D wakes up, diaper change
*Wonder downstairs to our "Make shift workout area" (Treadmill, Bow flex, and free weights) to do a quick 30 minute workout. All the while Baby D plays in his exerciser.
*9:30ish go outside to mingle with the guys in the shop. We pass Baby D around so everyone gets a chance to play with him. While we secretly have a roping contest amongst one another. Can you guess who normally wins? *insert the beaming smile of the champion*
10:30 diaper change, then race around to get lunch actually prepared and into the oven or grill.
11:00 Baby gets his gourmet meal, carrots, sweet potato's, and pears. We play around in his walker.
11:30 Baby D is ready for his noon nap! Diaper change, quick book and off to bed.
12:00 Farm Boys arrive eagerly awaiting their lunch.
12:01 Everyone is content, so it is time for lay down and take a nice siesta of my own.

I have never documented my day before. This is why time flies by so fast! So this is my life until noon each day when the Farm Boy's are not in the field. I will try to post what my afternoons are like this weekend.

Have a lovely weekend,
Farming Fabulously

How Do You Handle The Tylenol Recall?

Yesterday Baby D turned 8 months old can you believe it? He was experiencing a relatively joyous day, until his teeth began to bother him again. You see, Baby D is getting all four of his top teeth in at the same time, this has been happening for the last three days! Ouch. *insert sympathy* Lots of drool, and swollen gums. I would give him his Teething Tablets throughout the day and then right before bedtime, I gave him Tylenol to help him sleep through this tough time. Yet when it comes to sleeping during the day, Baby D is having definite anxiety issues. Normally I would lay him down for naps and he would babble then fall right asleep, now it is a plus when he will actually take a nap. Needless to say, by the end of the day our tiny tot is completely worn slick, not to mention the most pleasant to be around. I blame myself for now becoming too dependant on this now "Recalled Tylenol" issue. Can you help a mother out? Any advice you can give to help Baby D relieve some pain and begin sleeping again would be greatly appreciated..

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Program Note: How ironic is it that my previous post I was chatting away about our once flawless schedule? Go figure...

"I Am Not Afraid Of A Tractor Mommy"

Yes, this is what my son told me prior to taking this video.

Farming Fabulously

Program Note: *I kid* *I joke*! Hehehehehehe....

Melisa's Baby Shower....Part 2

Alas, we are getting ready to welcome a new baby into the Farm Family. Last weekend, we all came together to celebrate a Baby Shower for my Sister In-Law.

Relatives flew in from as far away as Atlanta, Georgia, to partake in this exclusive gathering.

Even the kiddo's found entertainment to keep each other occupied.

The lovely hostess with her stunning "Mama of Honor", posed eloquently for the camera.

Diverse conversions were had by all, there was just so much to be thankful for.

Check out this cutie, excuse me cuties! This little guy will be in Baby D's class, so his mother and I took it upon ourselves to secretly discuss our Football strategies for the upcoming 2028 year. That's how we roll here in Owl Country!

Ah yes, the gazed looks! I can bet that one of the two were pondering about an afternoon cocktail. After all we had a reason to celebrate.

A joyous occasion had by all.

Presents were piled high, this is going to be one lucky little whippersnapper.

Oh Happy Day.....................................

The bonding of a Grandmother and her Granddaughter, priceless.

To sum up this spectacular event, I captured a photo of this dashing young woman leisurely watching the gift opening.

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